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East Coast Of Australia Itinerary

Before arriving to Australia we visited so many other countries so I didn’t plan too much beforehand, I just knew the main spots that I wanted to visit and enjoyed each day as it came. It all worked out very well! I put that down to travelling with Greyhound Australia and meeting like-minded backpackers along […]

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New York

New York!! WOW what can I say about it, there is so much to say! I was literally on transport from the airport, until I stepped out of the the ‘SUBWAY’ GUYS 😉 onto Times Square where dreams came true! So I’ve been reminded on movies such as Gossip Girl and Miracle on 34th street. […]

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My Favourite Dress of 2017

Hello everybody, So I’ve decided to start sharing photos of my outfits because I can see from my instagram messages that you are interested! You might know, back in 2014 I set up a fashion blog but soon deleted it as I didn’t feel confident enough. So bear with me 🙂 I hope you all […]

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