5 Most Instagrammable Places in London

I hear so many people say lately that they are “doing it for the Gram”, times have changed and trends move on quickly.  We use to all flock to the Wax Museum but now us Instagram lovers are discovering the cutest cafe shops to the nicest restaurants. There is a trend, any cafe or restaurant covered in pink decor (flowers and neon lights) is always fully booked or all over social media.  And the best part is we don’t have to pay entry prices!


1: Peggy Porschen Cakes



I mean if you come you London, have you really been if you haven’t visited Peggys? Even all the London Based Boyfriends know about it! Mostly, as they have to queue outside for 20 minutes to sit outside with a blanket. If you go on a quieter day, before 11am, it will be a much nicer experience; no queuing and an indoor seat. Visited this place too many times!!

2. Elan Cafe

Go to the cafe on Brompton Road near Knightsbridge! There are 2 so don’t mix them It’s one of them pretty cafes, you know the ones. Located next to the The Dorchester. Elan Cafe has only been open a short amount of time, but they’re already packed by 9am every day. With floral walls, pretty cakes, and pink cups, this is an Instagram haven. We paid £20 for 2 coffees and red velvet cheese cakes.

3. Tonight Josesphine

London cocktail bar in Waterloo. Cocktail Happy Hour every day. Guest lists, party bookings & venue hire. Probably most known for their neon pink quote that says “well behaved women don’t make history”. I haven’t been yet but it’s on the list!




4. Sanderson Hotel

I went here a few weeks ago with my friend. You might have seen it on my Instagram. We had dinner which was nice but the portions are small. The lobby area is very carefully designed. This hotel attracts a young energetic vibe.

5. Sketch


Don’t make the mistake we made. Book Sketch GALLERY before you go. In hindsight I was glad we ended up in the tearoom parlour, we paid 5 pound each for a half cup of coffee! We also waited 20 minutes for the coffee. Try and just use their toilet facilities to take  alook around as it is so expensive in there! Oh and keep an eye out for some TV faces, we met Stacey Soloman and her boyfriend.  Where you decide to eat at Sketch will depend on your bank balance, but you get bang for your Instagram buck whichever option you choose. Sitting in the Gallery brasserie (which serves global cuisine) feels like you’re inside a pink marshmallow – with David Shrigley drawings on the walls; upstairs is the gaudily carpeted Lecture Room & Library (Michelin-starred fine dining); and then there are the woodland-themed Glade (comfort food) and the ’90s-style Parlour (same menu as the Glade). You’ll have maxed-out your memory before the food arrives. Make sure you take your phone to the loo for a not-to-be-missed photo op.


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