My Favourite Dress of 2017

Hello everybody,

So I’ve decided to start sharing photos of my outfits because I can see from my instagram messages that you are interested! You might know, back in 2014 I set up a fashion blog but soon deleted it as I didn’t feel confident enough. So bear with me 🙂

I hope you all had an amazing time over the Xmas and are having a really nice 2018 so far!  How quick did 2017 go!!! Crazy!! I’ve been planning on writing a 2017 overview post so watch out for that too.

It was my most popular post on Instagram over Christmas and my personal favourite too! I’m going back to a destination in which I visited in 2017 and I am bringing this dress with me for sure. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. When I wore it over Christmas I got so many compliments too. For £45 you can’t go wrong!

Over Christmas I wore a few outfits that I posted over on Instagram! I don’t usually put the links up but I’m going to start! It’s my 2018 goal, let’s see how I go! I had a lot of questions about this dress……… Unfortunately, it keeps selling out ! It was available yesterday so keep an eye on it and its also there in two different colours.


Click Here for the Pia Sequin Dress

silver dress.png

silver dress 2



I hope this is helpful!! Have an amazing weekend 🙂


Zweena x


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