Top 5 Gifts for Travel Lovers

As Christmas is approaching, I think its really important to think about the person you are buying for and what he or she truly loves and is passionate about. Whether it is fashion, music, travel or food. You want to ensure that when they open their present they instantly know you put a lot of thought and consideration into buying their gift. That doesn’t mean that you need to spend lots of money. So many people in their 20’s are passionate about travel, as you’re eager to see as much as the world as possible before you start getting serious about your career or having a family.  Some of the gifts below, I’ve either been given or bought for myself.  Whatever type of trip your family member or friend loves best, I’ve got lots of travel gift. Why not excite an intrepid explorer with an unusual present.


A Silver Globe for £23.99

  1. A globe  £23.99 / A Scratch Globe £14.00  Scratch Map is the perfect way to show off where you’ve been travelling while livening up your wall with a colourful world map. There is no better way to feed the hunger for wanderlust than to give somebody a globe. It ignites fire, well it did for me anyway.Why Pandora Travel Charms Make the Best Present for Travelers
  2. A Pandora Travel Lover Bracelet  £115  A little bit more expensive than the first gift but who doesn’t love Pandora? You might even put this one on your Santa list.A Pandora travel bracelet is the best present for any female traveler in your life. The best thing about it, is that they can personalise it and add charms of those countries they have visited. You can buy a silver bangle that looks simple and stylish on it’s own. The charms are high-quality in silver and gold and some include precious stones. They come in all kinds of themes, from holidays to simply pretty, but the best charms are the TRAVEL charms. You can buy charms that represent countries or travel items like a passport or globe.Image result for might high cocktail kit
  3. A Mile-high Cocktail Kit: £25 Who needs first class when gifts like this exist? Mix up a top notch cocktail 40,000 feet high. Now I’m sure nobody else will think of that gift! If you’re like me and at times become nervous with turbulence, a cocktail kit will be like a air-mile bible. These cocktail kits include everything you need to turn the tired drinks sold on-board into tasty in-flight treats.
    Personalised Leather Travel Wallet

4.  Personalised Leather Travel Wallet £33  Beautiful, luxurious recycled leather travel wallets in a wide range of bold, pastel and metallic colours. Can be personalised making it a super present. You won’t miss this wallet as the rose gold version is a major hit on Instagram. On the plus side, no more fumbling around at check-in for your precious travel documents, this leather travel wallet has plenty of space to store passport, boarding cards, driver’s licence, credit cards, currency, and more.

5. Paddy Box: €60 We all know an Irish person abroad, don’t we? Course we do because we are EVERYWHERE!! I’m living in London and I know there are many thing about home that I miss, especially Ballymaloe Relish and Barry’s tea. We don’t need to feel that longing for home where Irish food is concerned anymore because a genius idea has been rolled out and developed into a terrific company. There is now such thing as a Paddy Box; a box full of Irish people’s favourite food from home. How exciting is this? I hope you get a Paddy Box under your tree this year !



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