Top 10 Best Travel Tips

1. Book 6 months in advance
It’s always good to be organised and it’s wise to book in advance for obvious reasons. Analysis has stated that 6 months in advance is the ideal amount of time to book. I noticed that booking flights now for July 2018 is still very expensive.

2. Use a low charge travel money card
I could write a book on this. I spent hours researched money travel cards and you can find a blog post about it soon. Some friends paid 5 pound every time they withdrew money from an ATM. Also remember don’t exchange money from the airport they always give the worst rates and waiting to exchange money or withdraw in your destination country is always a clever option.

3. Don’t always imminently use Skyscanner and Kayak For my RTW trip, obviously went to my bible of wanderlust: skyscanner. Surprisingly, STA and flight centre worked out cheaper than skyscanner. It is also more convenient to pay off instalments with this travel agencies rather than pay all at once. While this idea may sound counter-intuitive it saved me £2000.

4. Book your flights on a Sunday
Every December, Expedia release a travel analysis document. This information is based on the December 2016 document but the information will be updated soon. They discovered that the cheapest flights were found on Sundays and as I mentioned earlier if you book 6 months in advance you should get the cheapest possible option.
Friday is the most expensive day of the week to buy a plane ticket, according to new research, with flights on average 13 per cent dearer than if booked on a Sunday.

5. Use an incognito tab
Travel companies log cookies based on what you search. If you use an incognito window it means they won’t know your previous search information and hopefully your flights or accommodation will work out cheaper rather than being based on previous searches. The more you search for a flight the more of a price increase due to supply and demand.These are the ideal features to look for in a debit card: Foreign transaction rate of 0%
International ATM withdrawal fee of $0
Competitive points or cash-back rewards program (at least 1% of the purchase price)

6. Bring a dry bag, a sarong and a card skimmer If you’re a solo traveller, it would be impossible to go swimming without a dry bag. It means you don’t have to worry about your valuables, it may not look cool but either is being robbed of your possessions while enjoying the sea. A sarong is always something you should have by your side whether you are male or female. Even in the best of establishments, bed linen may not always be clean. Obviously if it’s very bad you will complain but it’s always better to lay on your own clothes than hostel bed linen. Sarongs are essential in Asia and more conservative countries as you never know when you might come across a temple or a place of worship. I read so many stories about cards being skimmed in Asia but surprisingly it happened to somebody I was travelling with in Australia. This person was left with no money. I was so lucky to have kept my cards in a skim proof wallet.

7. Ensure you have access to a MasterCard and Visa
Credit and debit cards are the cheapest, easiest ways to get money and make payments overseas. Credit cards are accepted worldwide, and when you need cash, ATMs are abundant in every country. ATMs are internationally networked through the Visa/Plus and MasterCard/Cirrus networks.

8. Don’t keep money/ cards all in the same place.
Three is the lucky number. This rule has saved me from despair during my travels. Unfortunately, my money and phone was stolen in America. I was lucky that I had kept some money and my credit card in my bum bag  and she had stolen money and my debit card from my handbag.

9. Best way to avoid queues
I had a connection flight from London to Cork after arriving from Singapore. The passport line would have taken me an hour, meaning there was no way of getting to my flight on time. In a panic, I rushed to security and explained my situation. Even though, I produced every blandishment I could think of from my bag of tricks. If you’re severely allergic to queuing, so can you!

10. Don’t be shy or too naive
In order to make the most of your travels and new cultures you should engage with others. I know you worry about what people think. It takes courage to talk to strangers but everyone is in the same boat. All around you there are other solo travelers looking for friends. They want to meet new people too.

Just say “hello” and everything else will fall into place. The most common questions asked while travelling are, Hi where are you from? What’s you’re itinerary like? What was your favourite place? The mundane repetitive conversations get tiring after a while but they make it easier to meet new people.


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