Monthly Archives: October 2017

The Best Hotels in London

Living in London evidently has its perks. A busy successful city means there is an impressive range of luxurious hotels and spa facilities to take advantage of. Even if you reside in London, it’s always a nice treat to stay a night in a fancy hotel with outstanding facilities as this is always a necessity […]

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Top 10 Best Travel Tips

1. Book 6 months in advance It’s always good to be organised and it’s wise to book in advance for obvious reasons. Analysis has stated that 6 months in advance is the ideal amount of time to book. I noticed that booking flights now for July 2018 is still very expensive. 2. Use a low […]

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How to Travel the World for Four Months

During my travels and when I returned, the same two questions consistently occurred “How did you do it?” or another rendition of that question such as: How in the world could you afford that? Did you hit the jackpot? What do you do for a living? Did you work while traveling? Where do you get […]

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